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A .NET client for Neo4j, designed to make it easy to write Cypher queries in C# with IntelliSense.

For historical reasons, Neo4jClient also supports basic CRUD operations (legacy), legacy indexing (legacy) and Gremlin queries (also legacy). The Neo4j direction is towards everything being done via Cypher, and Neo4jClient is onboard with that vision. None of the non-Cypher interfaces are seeing active development. Over time, more and more of them will have [Obsolete] attribute added to that. This is primarily driven by the underlying Neo4j APIs becoming legacy themselves, and because Cypher is just a better way to do most things anyway.

Licensed under MS-PL. See LICENSE in the root of this repository for full license text.

Getting the Library

Neo4jClient ships exclusively as a NuGet package.

To install it, run Install-Package Neo4jClient in the NuGet Package Manager Console.

The NuGet package is automatically updated whenever new code is pushed to the central source repository. You may see several new builds per day during active development. We use a heavily test-driven approach to validate new features and to guard against regressions. In the absolute worst case, you can always roll back to an older version of the package anyway.

Getting Help

For questions, ask on StackOverflow using the neo4jclient tag and you'll generally get a response within 24 hours.

For general discussions, and the occasional announcement about more major updates to the library, join the Neo4jClient Google Group.

If you think you've found a bug or a missing feature, open an issue so we can fix it.


These pages only document our .NET library. They are not intended to explain how Neo4j works. We're assuming that you understand nodes, relationships, indexing and Cypher queries. If not, you should refer to the neo4j documentation for that information.

  1. Getting Connected (start here)
  2. Performing Cypher Queries (all the principles of our Cypher support that you need to know)
  3. Cypher Examples (specific examples)
  4. Influencing Serialization
  5. Async Support
  6. Bad Habits (some we've seen in the wild, that we'd like you not to write)

Blog posts:

Legacy documentation:

  1. Basic CRUD Operations (legacy)
  2. Performing Gremlin Queries (legacy)
  3. Working with Relationships (legacy)
  4. Working with Indexes (legacy)

Commercial Support

The library is predominantly written by consultants from Readify. This is done in the course of supporting some of our commercial customers who use Neo4j, then as a general open source project on a best-effort basis. If you'd like something more guaranteed, or related Neo4j and .NET consulting services, get in touch.

Related Projects

Other projects of interest, but not maintained nor supported by this project are


Merge, match and create nodes or relationships using domain objects directly.


Provides repository pattern classes for Neo4jClient including an AppSettings repository


A .NET client for API's exposed by the Neo4j host

CI Build

The CI build is run via My-Get and is currently: neo4jclient-tx MyGet Build Status

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