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TeamFlash is a super simple tool for connecting TeamCity to a Delcom USB build light.

It's tested with the Delcom 904003 and Delcom 804003 (old generation).

And now you can run it on your Raspberry Pi with Raspbian "wheezy"!


On Windows

  1. Grab the compiled bits, hot off our build server
  2. Run them
  3. There is no installer

On RPi

  1. Install mono and git by running sudo apt-get install mono-complete git
  2. Clone libdelcom and install it
  3. Clone TeamFlash and run xbuild
  4. Run it...


one or more builds are broken, and not being investigated
all builds are either under investigation (requires TeamCity 7.1), or passing
all builds are passing

Paused builds are ignored.


…is moderately average. We know. We hacked it together on a client site eons ago, then published it when we wanted to re-use it elsewhere. Don't hate us: send a pull request instead.

We also know that there are other projects that do the same thing, like SouthsideSoftware/BuildLight. We wrote this a while ago, and wanted to publish it anyway.