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Release 1.1.0 of EDAL libraries. Main changes from previous version:

Support for unstructured grids which follow the UGRID conventions - includes refactor of dataset hierarchy
Support for categorical datasets, including plotting, legend, and GetFeatureInfo
Added more perceptually linear colour palettes
Optimisation of Polygon.contains()
Uses new background map server
Re-added datetime label on animations
Support for explicitly-specified axis bounds (i.e. "bounds" attribute in NetCDF)
Animations respect log scale
Metadata filters on ImageLayers now only get applied to the relevant layers (not all layers)
Border around extraction area now only applies to glyph layers
Handles environments where the user's home directory is non-writable
Handles curvilinear cells which cross the dateline
Changed title for EN3/4 extracted features
Widened clickable box for GFI on continuous domain. Rounding errors meant that the current one was a little too small
Arrow plots now use BGCOLOR parameter
Arrow plots have a default style
Changed default vector legend graphic to not include arrows