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As discussed.

alexey-pelykh and others added some commits Jan 21, 2013
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh java.lang.Math.log() and java.lang.Math.tan() cebca48
Victor Shcherb Amend 74cf6c5
Victor Shcherb Add primitive methods 19b3aae
Victor Shcherb Add java lang math methods 717af5f
Victor Shcherb Add sorting 97cf9e2
Victor Shcherb Weird exception with logger 57b87b6
Victor Shcherb Add stub linked hash map 9548d46
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh RandomAccessFile f5a6c4a
Victor Shcherb Fix RAF 740c1be
Victor Shcherb Add missing methods d51ce1a
Victor Shcherb Add reverse and atan2 477f230
Victor Shcherb Add toString feb18ca
Victor Shcherb Add toString 1bd3d4a
Victor Shcherb Add android platform 769e69f
Victor Shcherb Add linkedhashset sublimation (actually hashset) d6b1817
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Android toolchain d48e143
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Path fix 058e8f1
Victor Shcherb Add description about the fork 0354d20
Victor Shcherb Fix android makefile 11440d0
Victor Shcherb Add android redirect to logcat 1a25078
Victor Shcherb Filter input stream impl f1834de
Victor Shcherb Add fill methods 89ff4fd
Victor Shcherb Add arrays methods 4535af5
Victor Shcherb Fix proguard warnings 377da01
Victor Shcherb Add Arrays binary search d688e41
Victor Shcherb Add data i/o interfaces 0e6dec3
Victor Shcherb Add double to long bits method 84b909e
Victor Shcherb Add constructor to writer 2cf4e3d
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Windows Phone 8 / Windows RT initial support

@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Makefile fix 8b42ed9
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Replaced TODO comments with messages ; More correct AVIAN_AOT_ONLY usage 3430fa6
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh WinRT/WP8 process=compile ffb49b9
Victor Shcherb Add last modified to file ec50c5b
Victor Shcherb Add singleton and list iterator missing methods b642fde
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix library overwriting ; proper assembler flags 2e82c93
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fixes to WP8/WinRT support 6f66861
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Additional AOT_ONLY ifdef c3d74a1
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Makefile changes, added additional compiler flags e997304
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Allow output of exceptions to debugger. Generate WinMD file f48d227
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Finally, proper jvm.dll linking for WP8 3eabd98
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix WP8/WinRT ARM build 4fbb592
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash on memory validation d058d17
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Allow avian.bootstrap to accept multiple libraries b980a56
@vshcherb vshcherb Update TODO.if.merge 0912196
@vshcherb vshcherb Update TODO.if.merge edcdb1c
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash if no avian.boostrap is specified d209106
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash if no avian.boostrap is specified (oops) 9621fd4
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash if no avian.boostrap is specified (oops) 46a3290
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash if no avian.boostrap is specified (oops) 8f07521
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Instead of throwing exception, just return initial file name 8724285
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Remove debug code 0f92e39
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh for WinPhone8 / WinRT 0c2b35d
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh WP8/WinRT : Proper absolute path
WP8/WinRT : Last modified time
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Add notifications about improvements possible ddbd919
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Added comments regarding and WinRT/WP8 478cfb8
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Support new WinRT interop 741c5f7
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh getErrorStr() for Windows platforms a28d3d2
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Culture fixes ; Path extensions 3897304
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Support built-in jars when wusing multi-library 8f1a2a3
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Remove empty lines d28e973
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix dword<>qword mistake da4b913
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Make clean target more robust b0588e6
soc commented Feb 3, 2013

As an interested outsider, I'd like to point out that you have two GPL'ed files in there: classpath/java/util/ and classpath/java/util/ Not sure if this is what you want, because the “Classpath Exception” doesn't apply here.

FYI, there is an alternate implementation under the Apache 2 license in Android (libcore/luni).

ReadyTalk member

Thanks for pointing that out, Simon. If you look at some of the earlier discussion, you'll see that Victor noted there were a few bits of code copied from other sources, as documented in the TODO.if.merge file. I'll need to remove those before merging, but they shouldn't be hard to replace.


In that case here you go: no more GPL code, or at least I failed to find that. And there is still 1 thing to fix(?)

  • LinkedHashSet/LinkedHashMap are not linked (copy/paste extend from HashSet/HashMap)
ReadyTalk member

Thanks, Alexey. However, I'd prefer to include only ISC-licensed code in the main repository, as discussed here: So I'll need to rewrite the commit history to remove any third-party code before merging. You can still keep it around as part of your fork, of course.


I see. Probably then we should split our fork into 2 branches, for upstream and our master to avoid further history rewrite. I suppose I'll do that tomorrow and will reopen a new pull request from other branch

ReadyTalk member

Yeah, that would be ideal. Thanks for working on this!

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