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WP8/WinRT support preview (take two) #33

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Thanks, Alexey. This looks really good. I have a few comments:

  • A couple of files reference avian-interop.h, but I don't see that file in the source tree.
  • It looks like you uncommented the printTrace call in throw_ for debugging; we should probably comment that out again
  • There are a lot of preprocessor conditionals. Many of them are necessary, but in some cases, I think we could eliminate them. One example is the fprintf/OutputDebugString code in machine.cpp; I think it would be better to define a new function (e.g. logDebug(const char* format, ...)) that abstracts away the platform differences.
  • I noticed you replaced the dynamic array allocation (e.g. "int32_t counts[dimensions]" changed to "int32_t* counts = new int32_t[dimensions]" in many places, since the MS compiler doesn't support stack-based dynamically-sized arrays. We have a macro called RUNTIME_ARRAY (defined in common.h) that I prefer to use for these cases, since it allows us to still use stack allocation with compilers that support it, and the array is automatically allocated and freed when using the MS compiler.

I'd like to address these issues before I merge the changes. If you'd like to do that, let me know. Otherwise, I'll work on it when I get a chance.

  • avian-interop comes from
  • done
  • this is extension, not replacement. Thus it will be just function copy-paste without ifdefs. OutputDebugString is not replacement of fprintf in that situation, at least I did not intend that at all.

It can be done, but then that method will be completely rewritten, since you don't have a single format string


Ah, got it. Ok, I'll update that soon


It would be awesome if you could advise something on previous issue regarding performance.


That should be good now, also rebased


Thanks, Alexey. Can this branch actually be compiled for WinRT/WP8 by itself, or is additional code needed (e.g. avian-interop.h)?


Same relation as your "win32" repo has.


Ah, yes, sorry -- you answered that earlier. I'll do some more testing and then push it if it looks good.


Hi Alexey. I've done some testing and fixed a couple of things: One thing I found but wasn't sure how to fix is that Java_java_io_RandomAccessFile_open doesn't work anymore on desktop Windows, since we're casting a wchar_t* to a const char*, which always results in "No such file or directory" when we call ::open. Do you have any thoughts on how to fix that?


I'll fix that today. Actually it should be _wopen. Maybe it will also work for WP8 to avoid native calls usage. Or, as an option, I can write Win32 calls for Windows instead of ::open

alexey-pelykh and others added some commits
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh java.lang.Math.log() and java.lang.Math.tan() 85ce769
Victor Shcherb Add java lang math methods d6aff87
Victor Shcherb Fix RAF c8ca838
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh RandomAccessFile f1b2b3f
Victor Shcherb Add android platform 3a42db9
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Android toolchain b1990ba
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Path fix 1f77d15
Victor Shcherb Fix android makefile c368a8b
Victor Shcherb Add android redirect to logcat 51e8a00
Victor Shcherb Fix proguard warnings

@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Windows Phone 8 / Windows RT initial support

@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Makefile fix 1b43caf
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Replaced TODO comments with messages ; More correct AVIAN_AOT_ONLY usage 4d03650
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh WinRT/WP8 process=compile dca12d3
Victor Shcherb Add last modified to file 2d11e7c
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix library overwriting ; proper assembler flags 5e0b073
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fixes to WP8/WinRT support acdd297
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Additional AOT_ONLY ifdef 4228f69
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Makefile changes, added additional compiler flags aaa60ae
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Allow output of exceptions to debugger. Generate WinMD file d51db00
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Finally, proper jvm.dll linking for WP8 c669428
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix WP8/WinRT ARM build 71052fa
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash on memory validation c131490
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Allow avian.bootstrap to accept multiple libraries 9ed3124
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash if no avian.boostrap is specified bde33c9
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash if no avian.boostrap is specified (oops) bd2a836
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash if no avian.boostrap is specified (oops) d0ac632
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix crash if no avian.boostrap is specified (oops) 74c9f60
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Instead of throwing exception, just return initial file name c3b437a
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Remove debug code 9d8c825
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh for WinPhone8 / WinRT 11eda6a
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh WP8/WinRT : Proper absolute path
WP8/WinRT : Last modified time
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Add notifications about improvements possible 234bba5
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Added comments regarding and WinRT/WP8 6376a49
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Support new WinRT interop 362f4aa
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh getErrorStr() for Windows platforms d6a5544
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Culture fixes ; Path extensions e7ad04f
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Support built-in jars when wusing multi-library b918389
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Remove empty lines

@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix dword<>qword mistake f3c443d
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Make clean target more robust

@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Comment out printTrace e4bd01f
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh RUNTIME_ARRAY usage 83e55ce
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Trace writeout refactor d5d2e50
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh Fix for windows ::open 0a1743e
@alexey-pelykh alexey-pelykh WP8 target refine 837e284

I've added small change to makefile

@dicej dicej merged commit 9c632b7 into ReadyTalk:master

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Commits on Feb 9, 2013
  1. @alexey-pelykh
  2. @alexey-pelykh

    Add java lang math methods

    Victor Shcherb authored alexey-pelykh committed
  3. @alexey-pelykh

    Fix RAF

    Victor Shcherb authored alexey-pelykh committed
  4. @alexey-pelykh


    alexey-pelykh authored
  5. @alexey-pelykh

    Add android platform

    Victor Shcherb authored alexey-pelykh committed
  6. @alexey-pelykh

    Android toolchain

    alexey-pelykh authored
  7. @alexey-pelykh

    Path fix

    alexey-pelykh authored
  8. @alexey-pelykh

    Fix android makefile

    Victor Shcherb authored alexey-pelykh committed
  9. @alexey-pelykh

    Add android redirect to logcat

    Victor Shcherb authored alexey-pelykh committed
  10. @alexey-pelykh

    Fix proguard warnings

    Victor Shcherb authored alexey-pelykh committed
  11. @alexey-pelykh

    Windows Phone 8 / Windows RT initial support

    alexey-pelykh authored
  12. @alexey-pelykh

    Makefile fix

    alexey-pelykh authored
  13. @alexey-pelykh
  14. @alexey-pelykh
  15. @alexey-pelykh

    Add last modified to file

    Victor Shcherb authored alexey-pelykh committed
  16. @alexey-pelykh
  17. @alexey-pelykh
  18. @alexey-pelykh
  19. @alexey-pelykh
  20. @alexey-pelykh
  21. @alexey-pelykh
  22. @alexey-pelykh

    Fix WP8/WinRT ARM build

    alexey-pelykh authored
  23. @alexey-pelykh
  24. @alexey-pelykh
  25. @alexey-pelykh
  26. @alexey-pelykh
  27. @alexey-pelykh
  28. @alexey-pelykh
  29. @alexey-pelykh
  30. @alexey-pelykh

    Remove debug code

    alexey-pelykh authored
  31. @alexey-pelykh
  32. @alexey-pelykh

    WP8/WinRT : Proper absolute path

    alexey-pelykh authored
    WP8/WinRT : Last modified time
  33. @alexey-pelykh
  34. @alexey-pelykh
  35. @alexey-pelykh
  36. @alexey-pelykh
  37. @alexey-pelykh
  38. @alexey-pelykh
  39. @alexey-pelykh

    Remove empty lines

    alexey-pelykh authored
  40. @alexey-pelykh
  41. @alexey-pelykh

    Make clean target more robust

    alexey-pelykh authored
  42. @alexey-pelykh

    Comment out printTrace

    alexey-pelykh authored
  43. @alexey-pelykh


    alexey-pelykh authored
  44. @alexey-pelykh

    Trace writeout refactor

    alexey-pelykh authored
  45. @alexey-pelykh
  46. @alexey-pelykh

    WP8 target refine

    alexey-pelykh authored
  47. @alexey-pelykh

    Lost assignment

    alexey-pelykh authored
Commits on Feb 10, 2013
  1. @alexey-pelykh
  2. @alexey-pelykh
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