Rename methods for clarity, organize codegen into a separate directory #36

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joshuawarner32 commented Feb 11, 2013

The rename is just for clarity - I think the new names are much more clear (That's open for discussion, of course)

I moved RUNTIME_ARRAY into it's own header, so it's not declared in THREE places. There are other repeated declarations that can and should also been broken out into their own headers.

My intent with moving codegen-related files into their own directory is to make the isolated nature of that component clearer. Eventually, I'd like to have it separate enough as to be first compiled into it's own static library - and possibly used from other projects.

joshuawarner32 added some commits Feb 11, 2013

@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 rename ceiling -> ceilingDivide d26d8fd
@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 rename mask -> maskAlignedPointer 2a1834e
@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 rename cast -> fieldAtOffset 5dd770d
@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 move RUNTIME_ARRAY into it's own header 964d054
@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 move all codegen source in to codegen/ dir 68776e5
@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 allow codegen targets (Architectures and Assemblers) to co-exist
The primary motivation behind this is to allow all the different Assemblers
to be built at once, on a single machine. This should dramatically reduce
the time required to make sure that a particular change doesn't break
the build for one of the not-so-common architectures (arm, powerpc)

Simply pass "codegen-targets=all" to make to compile all

Note that while these architectures are built, they will not be fully-
functional.  Certain stuff is assumed to be the same across the entire
build (such as TargetBytesPerWord), but this isn't the case anymore.
@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 Merge branch 'master' of git://

@dicej dicej merged commit 3589d5c into ReadyTalk:master Feb 13, 2013

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