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Break out assemblers #46

merged 4 commits into from Mar 4, 2013

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The purpose behind this change is to expose the shared structure between the assemblers, so we can more easily start merging it. As it is, I did consolidate one measly method (see src/codegen/target/multimethod.h), that was genuinely identical between the targets. Other stuff will take a little more massaging.

Tested on:

  • linux x86_64 (fast, debug, openjdk)
  • darwin x86_64
  • windows x86
  • linux arm
  • linux powerpc
dicej and others added some commits Feb 28, 2013
@dicej dicej link to for Android fdlibm build b409bba
@dicej dicej a few tweaks to fix the OS X Android class library build
With corresponding changes to libcore, all the tests are passing
except Datagrams, which fails with a NPE in
NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfacesList due to OS X not having
/sys/class/net.  Porting that class to OS X looks like a non-trivial
@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 Merge branch 'wip' 06bc978
@joshuawarner32 joshuawarner32 fix bootimage build 5b973c8
@dicej dicej merged commit 5b973c8 into ReadyTalk:master Mar 4, 2013

1 check passed

Details default The Travis build passed
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