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Latest commit 9abba8f @dicej dicej add bootimage-test option to makefile
This option specifies that the test classes should be AOT-compiled
along with the class library, which allows us to test that everything
works in AOT-compiled form as well as JIT-compiled form.  This is
primarily motivated by the need to test d906db6 (support for
AOT-compilation of Java 8 lambda expressions).

Note that I had to tweak Misc because it tested something that
couldn't be done in an AOT build without a lot of extra work, and
SystemClassLoader.getPackage because it was returning null when the
requested package could not be populated with JAR manifest metadata.
Technically, we probably *should* return null for packages that don't
exist at all (in the sense that no classes have been loaded from such
a package), but tracking that kind of thing seems like more trouble
than it's worth unless someone complains about it.
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