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A Tool for Predicting Music Success

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License PRs Welcome

HAMR 2020 Project -

A python based tool for predicting if a song will appears at Spotify's Top 50 Global ranking based on user inputs.


To run this tool you'll need Python 3. Download Python at

Also, if you do not have some of the python packages needed a pip command will be executed, so I strongly recommend to have pip installed. Installation guide at

How to use

First, clone this repository with the git clone command.

To run the tool basically type


If some of the required python packages are missing, it will first install these packages and then run the tool.

When running the tool you can type three commands as follows:

Command Action
help Prints helpful information for the user
predict Predicts if a song will become popular based on user inputs
exit Closes the program
Other If anything else is typed, requests a valid option


My master's thesis where I fully explain the model used in the prediction tool (the text is in Portuguese):

My ISMIR 2020 LBD Poster were I also present the model methodology:

HAMR Video Report:

HAMR slides:

Spotify API documentation: