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Add support for all Windows 8 tile shapes #16

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Currently, the master picture is used to generate all pictures for W8. A consistent result is obtained by adding a padding to the master picture.

Yet, as W8.1/IE11 allows "full tile pictures" (no automatic padding), it would be convenient to offer this possibility to the advanced user.


I guess I don't understand the padding around the Windows 8 tiles. My source image is 937x937, the mstile-310x310 is 558x558. But the process shrinks my image down to 259x259 with transparent padding of 128x150x171x149.

Is this just how W8 tiles work?


The answer comes in two parts.

Against all odds, mstile-310x310 can be 310x310... or more, in order to fit zoomed screens. See

The padding you observe is enforced by Windows 8.0, but not Windows 8.1. This is why msapplication-TileImage has no padding: Windows 8.0 adds it anyway, so a full-size image is exactly what this platform needs. Windows 8.1 changed this rule, as it does not apply padding. You can make your picture fill the entire tile. Yet, when I coded RFG, I didn't considered this behavior as convenient:

  • It forces the user to upload a square picture and a rectangular one (for the 310x150 tile). Wow, a brand new picture to design, just for a single tile!
  • The design is different from W8.0 to W8.1, which are two minor platforms compared to iOS and Android. Why would you spend so much time on them?

So the first version of RFG offers a unified W8 tile design, where only the classic square picture is needed and which produces a consistent design throughout W8 platforms.

The idea of this issue is to keep this approach by default, but also to offer an "Advanced editor" for users who are willing to spend more time on this topic.


I think I get it now. Sounds confusing! Thanks for the quick response and the super-useful website.


Thank you! You're welcome!


As a reference, Microsoft offers a tool for this:

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