Windows icon display broken in "featured favicons" #277

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BenWiederhake commented Sep 25, 2016 edited

For some reasons, this preview displays the IE-icon in place of "our" icon:

None of the files I received in are like this, so I suppose it's just a minor slip-up in the preview code. Still, it scared me a bit :)

EDIT: Maybe some proof might help, in case it gets correctly displayed for everyone else:

I intentionally phrased the title a bit like #257, although these seem unrelated.


After using the checker tool:
Argh, looks like I took a wrong turn when walking through all the options. Sorry, my bad, the preview is correct.


Actually, no, I don't understand this.

<meta name="msapplication-TileColor" content="#00a300">
<meta name="msapplication-TileImage" content="/mstile-144x144.png">

If this is part of the HTML page, and all other icons of the icon-block get recognized, then why doesn't this work?

@BenWiederhake BenWiederhake reopened this Sep 25, 2016

Weird. If your site is live, could you give me its URL for review? If you don't want to disclose it here, you can also mail it to me at


I just pushed it, it's currently "live" (not in production yet, but live enough) at

I just ran your checker on it again, at it recognizes:

[green] The Browser Configuration file is present
[red] There is no tile icon for Windows
This is somewhat strange, because I think it should be precisely the other way around: there is no dedicated Browser Configuration file, but there is a tile icone for Windows:

Note that this issue is not critical for this project, so if you can't figure it out and aren't interested, just close this. Either way, I'm very willing to help.

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