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Python Gems

A collection of python scripts that solve interesting problems.

  • - A asynchronous scheduler implemented using coroutines, in principle similar to Tornado's ioloop

  • - My implementation of python standard library's ConfigParser module

  • - My implementation of Dr. Knuth's dancing links algorithm, with a demo to solve N-Queen problem

  • - Disjoint set is a very important data structure, this is my naive implementation

  • - My implementation of python standard library's fileinput module

  • - A REPL for golang, support executing Go statements with instant feedback

  • - A simple html template engine, supporting similar syntax as Django template language

  • - A Lisp parser implemented in python, inspired by Peter Novig's essay

  • - Very elegant memento design pattern impl, copied from activestate recipes

  • - Patch python modules lazily, only when they are imported

  • - A python script to print itself

  • - Simplistic RPC for python

  • - My partial implementation of standard library's timeit module

  • emojify - Render an image with emoji's based on the colors in original image

  • web_terminal - A remote console from a web browser

  • online_judge - A OJ system like leetcode, with a small problemset, supporting only python solutions

  • image_crawler - A web image crawler written based on Tornado

  • http_server - A basic http server supporting static files/wsgi apps/proxying


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