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ASRock B360M-HDV + i5 8400 / ThinkPadT530
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ThinkPad T530 继续停更。。。 Sep 1, 2019
Hackintosh黑苹果:从入门到放弃.pdf update Jul 6, 2019 update MacOS Mojave10.14.6 to 18G95 Sep 1, 2019


  • 华擎ASRock B360M-HDV / ThinkPad T530

    • ASRock B360M-HDV + i5 8400 : Mojave 10.14.6 (18G95)
    • ThinkPadT530 : MacOS Catalina (10.15) Bug很多暂停更新 / Mojave10.14.6 (18G84)
  • CLOVER引导比较成熟,目前2款机型全部用CLOVER而非Justin的OpenCore

  • 谦虚地说,我只是跨过了黑苹果这道门槛而已,配置好后基本能作为生产工具使用,未出现大问题。

  • 敬请大屌们指正与指导~

  • CLOVER boot is more mature, currently 2 models all use CLOVER instead of Justin's OpenCore

  • Modestly speaking, I just crossed the threshold of Hackintosh. After being configured, I can basically use them as production tools without major problems.

  • Please ask the big men to correct and guide ~

还有一台表哥送的1款“ASUS N53JF”笔记本,1代(1st gen)CPU i5 460M,核显驱动288M,而且各种问题装了至少10次😓 , 我决定偷懒放弃了。。。


There is also my cousin to send a “ASUS N53JF” notebook, 1st gen CPU i5 460M, nuclear drive 288M, and various problems installed at least 10 times, I decided to give up. . . Currently Clover leads Windows7+Deepin to the corner to eat gray!

  • Q:this version of Mac OS X isn’t Supported on This Platform
  • A:SMBIOS 问题, 引导界面按 O 选择Boot Arga输入 -no_compat_check 就行了,以此跳过兼容性检查

  • 如果你有 【 任何问题 / 任何补充 / 任何指正更正 】的还请顺便提交一下 issue 说详细点谢谢🙏 , 可截图直接粘贴
  • If you have [any questions / any supplements / any corrections] please also submit issue and say in detail, you can directly paste the screenshot
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