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Chrome Extension adding keyboard shortcuts to the new Evernote Web GUI.

Configurable chrome commands

Action Shortcut
Click Search ALT+Q
Toggle Fullscreen ALT+P
Open delete note dialog ALT+Delete
Move Note* ALT+M
Open current note in a new tab*
(in fullscreen)
Not set
Copy Note Web Link* Not set
Copy Note App Link* Not set
Previous Note* Not set
Next Note* Not set
New Note* Not set
Open Insert Menu* Not set
Edit current note tags* Not set

We are only allowed to set 4 default shortcuts. So in order to use shorcuts that are not set by default you must visit chrome://extension/shortcuts

Non configurable actions

Action Shortcut
Open note in new window ALT+Click


Best to install Evercuts from the chrome web store.

You can also install it manually with the following steps

  1. Download the repo
  2. Go to chrome://extensions
  3. Enable developer mode
  4. Click 'Load Unpacked'
  5. Choose the the folder with the repo contents


The keyboard shortcuts to trigger actions can be modified by visiting chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Since chrome extensions can only set the default shortcut for 4 actions. You must visit chrome://extensions/shortcuts to configure the rest of the actions