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import base64
import uuid
import httplib
import urlparse
import json
import boto3
def send_response(request, response, status=None, reason=None):
""" Send our response to the pre-signed URL supplied by CloudFormation
If no ResponseURL is found in the request, there is no place to send a
response. This may be the case if the supplied event was for testing.
if status is not None:
response['Status'] = status
if reason is not None:
response['Reason'] = reason
if 'ResponseURL' in request and request['ResponseURL']:
url = urlparse.urlparse(request['ResponseURL'])
body = json.dumps(response)
https = httplib.HTTPSConnection(url.hostname)
https.request('PUT', url.path+'?'+url.query, body)
return response
def lambda_handler(event, context):
response = {
'StackId': event['StackId'],
'RequestId': event['RequestId'],
'LogicalResourceId': event['LogicalResourceId'],
'Status': 'SUCCESS'
# PhysicalResourceId is meaningless here, but CloudFormation requires it
if 'PhysicalResourceId' in event:
response['PhysicalResourceId'] = event['PhysicalResourceId']
response['PhysicalResourceId'] = str(uuid.uuid4())
# There is nothing to do for a delete request
if event['RequestType'] == 'Delete':
return send_response(event, response)
# Encrypt the value using AWS KMS and return the response
for key in ['KeyId', 'PlainText']:
if key not in event['ResourceProperties'] or not event['ResourceProperties'][key]:
return send_response(
event, response, status='FAILED',
reason='The properties KeyId and PlainText must not be empty'
client = boto3.client('kms')
encrypted = client.encrypt(
response['Data'] = {
'CipherText': base64.b64encode(encrypted['CiphertextBlob'])
response['Reason'] = 'The value was successfully encrypted'
except Exception as E:
response['Status'] = 'FAILED'
response['Reason'] = 'Encryption Failed - See CloudWatch logs for the Lamba function backing the custom resource for details'
return send_response(event, response)