React infinite scroll component designed for a Redux data-flow.
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Redux Infinite Scroll

A stateless React infinite scroll component meant for usage within Redux.


If you are using an element as the scrollable component, rather than the window, you MUST pass a fixed height to the containerHeight prop (many issues will be fixed by following this step).

Demo & Examples


npm install redux-infinite-scroll --save

Importing Via AMD/CommonJS

ES6 format
import ReduxInfiniteScroll from 'redux-infinite-scroll';
ES5 format
var ReduxInfiniteScroll = require('redux-infinite-scroll');

Importing Via Script Tag

If you decide to use either one of the distribution files found in /dist, then you can access the ReduxInfiniteScroll via a global variable.

ES6 format
ES5 format

The difference is due to the ReduxInfiniteScroll being an ES6 module and therefore having a different export syntax than ES5.


In order to use it in your React app, simply import it and follow the example below. The component expects to receive child elements that it then injects into the DOM. The loadMore prop expects a function that requests for more items to be loaded once the container/window has reached the bottom threshold. If there are no more items left to be passed to the component, make sure to set the hasMore prop to be false. Important If you are using an element as the scrollable component, rather than the window, you MUST pass a fixed height to the containerHeight prop.

ES6 format
// MessageList.jsx

import InfiniteScroll from 'redux-infinite-scroll';
import ChatActions from './ChatActions';

class MessageList extends Component {
  _loadMore() {

  _renderMessages() {
    return, (msg) => {

  render() {
    return (

Where your Redux action and reducer might look something like this:

// ChatActions.js

export function fetchMessages(params) {
  return {
    messages: ['hi there', 'hi again', 'still here']

// ChatReducer.js

const initialState = {
  messages: []

function chatReducer(state=initialState, action=undefined) {
  switch (action.type) {
      return Object.assign({}, initialState, {
        messages: initialState.concat(action.messages)


Props Type Required Default Description
elementIsScrollable bool no true Defines whether the div will have a fixed height and listens to the div's overflow event or instead have a non-fixed height and listen to the window scroll event
containerHeight integer or string no '100%' Sets an inline style on the height of the topmost div.
threshold integer no 100 The number of pixels
horizontal bool no false Whether to check for horizontal scrolling
hasMore bool no true Whether there are more items waiting to be displayed. Set this to false once all of the items have been passed down to either items or children.
loadingMore bool no false A prop that should be set to true by the parent component whenever the loadMore function gets invoked, and then toggled to false once that function has finished updating the items prop.
loader any no Loading... The value of this prop gets injected as the last element of the parent div when hasMore loadingMore and showLoader are all true.
showLoader bool false true Whether to show the loader when the loadingMore property is true
loadMore function yes undefined The function is called when the component has reached the threshold and hasMore is true.
holderType string no div The type the loader is rendered as, could be ul, dl, etc.
className string no '' Any additional classes to be added to the holder.
items array Immutable List no
children array Immutable List no


RealScout Heavily inspired by react-infinite-scroll.


MIT Licensed. Copyright (c) RealScout Inc.