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SharkTrust eXtended (SharkTrustX) is an extended version of SharkTrust that provides additional features such as remote access of private servers in addition to providing automatic SSL certificate management for Intranet web servers. Unlike SharkTrust, which works with any web server, SharkTrustX is designed exclusively for Barracuda App Server powered products such as the Mako Server.

SharkTrustX is a free product released under the MIT License. See the SharkTrustX product page for additional information.

NOTE: The following domain names are used in the instructions below. Replace these names with your own such as

  • Name server 1:
  • Name server 2:
  • Service's domain name:

The software requires two name servers listed in the configuration file. However, the software is currently limited to running on one VPS and the DNS A record for the three fields above must all point to the same VPS.

Customizing SharkTrustX

  1. Fork or clone this repository.
  2. Customize the template with your own logos and color options. The template page is based on the AdminLTE Bootstrap template. See the Mako Server tutorial How to Build an Interactive Dashboard App for details.

Installation Instructions

1: Sign up for a VPS provider and install a Debian (derivative) distribution.

2: After signing up for a VPS Service, take note of the online server's IP address, navigate to your company's DNS settings page, and add A text records for,, and, where xx is a sub domain such as 'acme' and is your company name or any other domain name you own. All A records must point to the VPS IP address.

3: Wait 24 hours for the DNS settings to take effect.

Automatic Installation

Use the SharkTrustX Ansible Installation Scripts

Manual Installation

4: Login to the online VPS using SSH, and run the following set of commands in the SSH shell:

Update Linux

apt-get update
apt-get -y upgrade

Install Required Applications

apt-get -y install bind9 whois lsof git nano

Clone GIT repo in a suitable directory

git clone

Configure the Mako Server

SharkTrustX is a web application powered by the Mako Server.

Create a mako.conf script and add instructions for loading SharkTrustX

apps = {
   { name='', path='SharkTrustEx/www'},

Add the following to mako.conf:

-- The following settings are used by the Lua code in /home/mako/www

-- Required and used by /home/mako/www/.preload
   logerr = true, -- Send Lua LSP exceptions by email
      subject="ACME Log",
      -- See the documentation for the required smtp fields

Save the changes and start the Mako Server as user 'root'


You should see the following being printed in the console two minutes after starting the Mako Server.

ACME: renewed

The printout should be for your own service's domain name. The above printout signals that the service is operational. You may now terminate the Mako Server process by using CTRL-C and then install the Mako Server as a service.

You may now use a browser and navigate to (e.g.


Remote access and automated Certificate Management







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