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RealUI 7

Addon Update Exclusions

The following addons have been modified to suit RealUI and should not be updated:

  • alDamageMeter
  • Aurora
  • BugSack
  • cargBags_Nivaya
  • EasyMail
  • GridManaBars
  • SharedMedia + SharedMedia_MyMedia

Installation Procedure

Step 1: Backup

  1. Find your "World of Warcraft" folder
  2. Create a new folder called "UIBackup"
  3. Move the "Interface" and "WTF" folders (located in your "World of Warcraft" folder) to the "UIBackup" folder

Step 2: Copying in RealUI

  1. Go to the downloaded "" file, and open the "RealUI 7# r#" folder
  2. Copy the "Interface" folder into your "World of Warcraft" folder

Step 3: In Game

  1. Once you've logged in, the Installation procedure will begin.

Note: Layout can be changed at any time by using the Layout Button at the bottom right area of the screen.

Other options can be changed in the RealUI Options window (/realui).

RealUI is now fully installed.

To access the RealUI options window, click the small icon at the bottom left of the screen.


Find a bug? Please use my Github Issue tracker.