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Bash script to extract data from a "chekcra1ned" iOS device
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Bash script to extract data from a "chekcra1ned" iOS device

Developed and tested on Mac OS X Mojave (10.14.6)

Mandatory Requirements

Optional Requirements

How to use it

  • checkra1n an iOS device
  • Open a terminal and execute "sudo iproxy 22 44"
  • Open a new terminal and execute ssh root@localhost and add localhost to the list of known hosts
  • Download the script in the folder where you want to save the extraction (i.e. Destkop)
  • Make the script executable (chmod +x
  • Execute the script and follow the instructions

Version 0.1 [5/12/2019] First release

Version 0.2 [6/12/2019] Changed the output folder name to the device UDID instead of the device NAME

Version 1.0 [23/12/2019] For detailed instructions read this: Checkra1n Era - Ep 5 - Automating extraction and processing (aka "Marry Xmas!") (

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