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Commits on Apr 13, 2019
  1. Current OS Detection added to Library

    RealityRipple committed Apr 13, 2019
    Better OS naming in User Agent.
    MONO version can now be removed and improved.
  2. Read Range of Database Quickly with Keys

    RealityRipple committed Apr 13, 2019
    Used for standard Query requests.
    Temporal Event searches (for Exede reset date detection) will not benefit at the search stage, but receive the query advantage after the search is complete.
  3. Convert Database to Sorted Dictionary

    RealityRipple committed Apr 13, 2019
    Using a Sorted Dictionary with a minute-based Key allows for automatic sorting, nearly instantaneous duplicate protection, and improved lookup abilities.
    Additional methods to take advantage of the Key in search-related capacities should also be possible (History Window!!!) with some minor alterations.
    Further debugging required, but initial tests show incredible promise.
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