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Mega Menu

Fully responsive mega menu with only a tiny bit of JS. Demo here.

Install Instructions

  1. Overwrite js/modules/nav.js with mega-menu.js so that the default JS doesn't interfere.
  2. Overwrite css/modules/nav.css with mega_menu.css so that the default CSS doesn't interfere.
  3. Include header-icons.css in site.js.twig.
  4. Overwrite html/sections/header.html.twig with the header.html.twig included in this repo.
  5. Overwrite html/sections/menu.html.twig with the menu.html.twig included in this repo.

Content Blocks

On the demo, the two central blocks of the Mega Menu dropdown are built using Content Blocks. This is done through the line in menu.html.twig:

{{ rec_block('mega_menu_' ~ link.slug, type="html") }}

This will allow a content block to be added before the links in the column, provided you name it correctly. The code I have written will use the Slug of the Section it is currently on. So for instance, in my demo the Stormtroopers content block is named mega_menu_stormtroopers (Content Block names are case-insensitive)