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@johnnyreilly johnnyreilly released this Mar 6, 2019

This is the first major version of fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin. A long time coming :-)

There are actually no breaking changes that we're aware of; users of 0.x fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin should be be able to upgrade without any drama. Users of TypeScript 3+ may notice a performance improvement as by default the plugin now uses the incremental watch API in TypeScript. Should this prove problematic you can opt out of using it by supplying useTypescriptIncrementalApi: false.

We are aware of an issue with Vue and the incremental API. We hope it will be fixed soon - a generous member of the community is taking a look. In the meantime, we will not default to using the incremental watch API when in Vue mode.

The plugin supports webpack 2, 3, 4 and 5 alpha and TypeScript 2.1+ alongside tslint 4+.
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