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Reapex dataloader plugin

register the plugin

import { App } from 'reapex'
import dataloaderPlugin from 'reapex-plugin-dataloader'

const app = new App()
// 1. register the plugin
export const { useDataLoader, useLazyDataLoader } = app.use(dataloaderPlugin)

Use react hooks

const LoaderWithHook = () => {
  const loaderStatus = useDataLoader({
    name: 'api2',
    apiCall: mockApi,

  if (loaderStatus.loading) {
    return <div>loading...</div>
  if (loaderStatus.error) {
    return <div>Error!!!</div>
  return <div>{ ? : 'No Data!'}</div>

Lazy load

const LoaderWithHook = () => {
  const [loaderStatus, load] = useLazyDataLoader({
    name: 'api2',
    apiCall: mockApi,

  return <button onClick={() => load()}>click to load</button>


DataLoaderProps: The parameter of useDataloader hook function

Property Description Type Default Required
name The key of the data stored in redux state, has to be unique if dataKey is not provided string - Yes
apiCall A function that returns promise (params?: TPramas) => Promise<any> - Yes
interval Fetch data in an interval if given a none 0(ms) number boolean 0 No
params The parameters that passed to apiCall function TParams = any undefined No
dataKey Function that compute a dynamic key based on params (name: string, params?: TParams) => string () => 'default' No
ttl How much time the cache will valid before making a new data fetching, default 0, no cache. The apiCall function will be called every time number 0 No
shouldInterval A function the returns true/false to determine whether the interval function call should continue or not (data?: TData) => boolean () => true No
onSuccess A function will get called when apiCall run successfully (data?: TData) => any - No
onFailure A function will get called when apiCall throw an exception (error?: Error) => any - No
dataPersister An object that configures how to persist the data DataPersister - No
lazyLoad if dataPersister is configured, it will first use the data from persister then call apiCall to refresh the data boolean - No

useDataLoader() hook

useDataLoader: <TData = any, TParams = any>(props: DataLoaderProps) => [LoaderStatus<TData>, LoadActionCreator]

props: DataLoaderProps

The props: DataLoaderProps are defined in the table above.


Property Description Type
data The data that reuturned by apiCall TData
loading true when data is loading, otherwise false boolean
error An Error object if apiCall threw exception Error
lastUpdateTime The timestamp of last time when receiving the data from apiCall number
lastErrorTime The timestamp of last time when apiCall threw an exception number


load: (params?: TParams) => any

A function to call with params which will trigger the apiCall


export interface DataPersister {
  getItem: (key: string, meta?: Meta) => any
  setItem: (key: string, value: any, meta?: Meta) => any
  removeItem: (key: string, meta?: Meta) => any

For example, localStorage data persister:

export const LocalStorageDataPersister = (): DataPersister => {
  const getItem = (key: string) => {
    const data = localStorage.getItem(key)
    return data && JSON.parse(data)

  const setItem = (key: string, value: any) => {
    localStorage.setItem(key, JSON.stringify(value))

  const removeItem = (key: string) => {

  return {
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