Powershell modules to prepare audio files for import to Unreal Engine 4
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UE4 Prepare Audio Scripts

PowerShell scripts that convert audio files into a format compatible with Unreal Engine. Currently this means 16-bit little endian PCM stored in a WAV file, stereo or mono.

I assume the primary use case are spatialized sounds in UE4, so by default stereo is downmixed into mono, but this can be suppressed with an option.

Input file sample rates are left unchanged.

These scripts can pull audio for any file your ffmpeg installation is capable of decoding, though there is a list of file extensions in the batch processing tool that may need to be modified for your use case.


  • ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe must be in your PATH
  • 7z must be in your PATH to run the tests


  1. Copy this directory to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules
  2. Install ffmpeg.

Usage: ue4-prepare-audio

Run ue4-prepare-audio to convert a single audio file

Usage: ue4-prepare-audio-folder

Run ue4-prepare-audio-folder to convert an entire directory structure. This creates a new directory structure that mimics the source directory but fills it with converted files.


Run .\run-tests.ps1 to verify everything works as expected.