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Some command-line tools for media

Build Status


PPM-listhash64(RGB frame pixels)-list, e.g. for "trust-but-verify" frame accuracy for extracting clips.

cat foo.mp4 | \
  ffmpeg -loglevel warning -i - -f image2pipe -c ppm - | \
  hash-frames > foo.mp4.hashes

The current hash function is cityhash (64-bit).

show-ppms (Mac)

cd mac-show-ppms && \
  xcodebuild && \
  cat foo.mp4 | \
    ffmpeg -loglevel warning -i - -f image2pipe -c ppm - | \

The current implementation plays frames as quickly as it can, which is approximately the right speed for my use case.

TODO: improve performance, take --fps= argument.

License: TBD