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Recon InfoSec

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) provider serving gov't, enterprise and critical infrastructure


  1. rhq rhq Public

    Recon Hunt Queries

    75 10

  2. velociraptor-to-timesketch velociraptor-to-timesketch Public

    Shell 77 20

  3. ansible-graylog-modules ansible-graylog-modules Public

    Ansible modules for the Graylog API

    Python 63 26

  4. graylog2thehive graylog2thehive Public

    Create alerts in The Hive from your Graylog alerts, to be turned into Hive cases.

    Python 43 9

  5. web-traffic-generator web-traffic-generator Public

    A quick and dirty HTTP/S "organic" traffic generator.

    Python 391 162

  6. ansible-okta-modules ansible-okta-modules Public

    Ansible modules for the Okta API

    Python 28 13


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