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01. Records365 Connector Framework

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The Records365 Connector Framework is a developer platform that allows 3rd party system integrators to develop custom connectors. It is the core content extensibility component of Records365.

The framework enables Records365 to bring its information and records management capabilities to any content source. To achieve this, the Connector Framework is built around HTTP APIs in an effort to maximize the degree of interoperability our platform can provide. A custom connector may be built on any platform with an awareness of HTTP and REST based web application interfaces.

At a high level a connector implementation must perform the following functions:

  • Monitor content in the content source and submit changed or created content to Records365;
  • Delete content from the content source on behalf of Record365 when requested;

The Connector Framework is used by the off-the-shelf connectors that are supplied by RecordPoint – our own connectors for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Box and FileConnect are built on top of the Connector Framework. The following system context diagram shows at a high level how a connector interacts with Records365 and the content source.

Records365 Connector System Context Diagram

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