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Network Replication

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Network replication can be configured for State Machine Actor Components. State Machines are kept in sync by replicating the transitions across all clients. This way any special On Entered Transition logic can play out if needed on each client.

Network Tick Configuration

Configure which domain you want the State Machine to tick in.

Network Transition Configuration

Configure where transitions are evaluated. (The Can Enter Transition logic)

  • If the server performs this it will then replicate to all clients.
  • If a client performs this it will then inform the server which will replicate down to all clients.

Network State Configuration

Where general state logic will execute. This includes On Begin, On Update, and On End.

Take Transitions from Server Only

If a client evaluates that a transition can be taken it will always inform the server. By default it will then take the transition immediately and disregard the server update when it receives it. If this option is checked the client will instead wait for the server's update to take the transition.

Max Time To Wait for Transition

Once a client sends a notice a transition can be taken it will wait up to this time for the server response before re-evaluating transitions and notifying the server again.

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