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Red5 Integration for Eclipse

Download & Build the plugin

  1. Download the latest JEE eclipse (I use LUNA).
  2. Download the repository files as zip / clone the project to your machine.
  3. Import the project to your eclipse : Import -> Existing projects to workspace -> Select root directory -> {browse locate the downloaded repository folder}
  4. Clean project anf make sure you dont have any errors showing. Warnings are ok.

Installing the plugin to your Eclipse IDE

Exporting plugin files

Selecting export type

  • Select Plugin Development -> Deployable-plugins and fragments

Selecting plugins and fragments

  • Select "Install into host. Repository:"

Plugin is installing

Installation complete

  • Restart eclipse once installation is complete

Verifying installation

Once eclipse restarts verify that the plugin was successfully installed by going to:

  1. File -> New -> Project -> Web -> Dynamic web project
  2. Click "New Runtime" besides "Target Runtime"
  3. Look for Infrared5 -> Red5 server runtime
  4. If you you see it there then installation was successful


Starting Red5 Project

To get an idea of how to work with the red5 plugin and how to create a new red5 project follow the video: [By Dominick Accattato]


  1. Classpath erros for eclipse packages - If you get classpath erros, check if you have the PDE (Plugin Developent Environment), you can install using the URL