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Clients Core

This repository holds the most Red9 API web clients.

To get started:

git clone
cd clients-core
npm install
bower install
export NODE_ENV=remote   # Or NODE_ENV=development for a local server
grunt serve

The serve creates a simple HTML server for development use. It will also automatically watch the affected directories, and on a source save refresh any open pages that you have. This helps speed up development.

Note that you must have bower and grunt installed. If you don't, then

npm install -g bower grunt-cli

To add a dependency

bower install --save <package name>    # Get and save the code
grunt wiredep                          # Add the appropriate script and link tags

To build for release (concat, minify, etc.)

grunt build

To check the code for style and run tests

grunt test

Project Structure

Coming soon. Follow:

Google Angular Style Guide

This repository mirrors the general format here:

Still looking for a style guide solution, but one of these two should work:

Production Size

Sizes taken from the original repository *.min size.

Resource .min
angular 125
angular-deferred-bootstrap 2
angular-filter 14
angular-leaflet-directive 61
angular-resource 3
angular-route 4
angular-bootstrap (tpls) 65
angular-loading-bar 3
angulartics 4
angulartics-segmentio 1
ng-file-upload 8
d3 150
leaflet 125
leaflet-markercluster 28
lodash 47
crossfilter 10
dc 75
angular-dc 3
Total 728


R9DSP Web Client




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