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Latest commit 1f6832f Apr 9, 2014 Cheong Added new version of Biscuit firmware binary files (compiled from TI …
…CC254x SDK 1.4.0). Added signed Windows driver.


Biscuit Firmware

1. Biscuit-UART

Biscuit firmware with UART (TXD/RXD) interface.

2. Biscuit-USB

Biscuit firmware with USB interface (virutal comport, USB CDC)

3. usb_cdc_driver_cc2540.inf

Windows driver for Biscuit-USB, no driver require for Linux and Mac OSX.

4. UBL-1.3.hex

TI's Universal Boot Loader v1.3, you normally do not need this unless you want to reburn it with CC debugger.

5. Biscuit-RGB

Firmware to control a RGB LED (Flora NeoPixel) using a single I/O.

Please Google the terms if you do not know.