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This Release repository contains all resources for our products, so that you can play at once.

Currently, support the following products: BLE Shield, BLE Mini and Blend Micro.

We are going to add more interesting resources for makers/developers to create their innovative projects.

* Note that for up to date source code, please refer to each repository of RedBearLab:

How To Use

1. Unzip the packages
2. Inside Nordic’s ble-sdk-arduino package, put the "BLE" library to Arduino library folder
3. Inside nRF8001 package, put the "RBL_nRF8001" library to Arduino library folder
4. Inside BLEMini package, put the "RBL_BLEMini" library to Arduino library folder
5. Inside Blend package, put the "hardware” folder to Arduino Sketchbook folder
6. Select and run the examples in Arduino IDE
7. Demo Apps
   7.1 iOS 7+
       Method 1: In Apple AppStore, search and install "BLE Arduino" or "BLEController"
       Method 2: Load the iOS Apps source code to your iOS device if you have developer account
   7.2 Android 4.3+ 
       Method 1: In google play store, search and download Red Bear BLEController
       Method 2: Load the Android App projects to your Android device or side load the APKs
* Also, please read the README file in each package.



Download SDK here for our products


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