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RedBrumblers Asset Mod Guide Wiki

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Hello! it seems you have found my wiki on all the things I do with assets! I have decided to use the wiki instead of the files I had in the repo for easy access and to seperate some of the info into more logical categories.

If you are updating an asset mod for a new version of beat saber, I recommend checking out Latest Beat Saber Changes as that should have the latest information.

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Asset Mod Guides


If you are here to make a Saber go to the Saber Guide, it's basically what is in the main readme of my repository but formatted a bit differently and a lot of the preamble has been taken out, it is now just the guide and its required programs.


If you are here to make a Note mod, I have to disappoint you, I do not yet have a guide for that specifically. I do have guide files for it in my repository which can be downloaded by clicking here. This will download a zip file containing a 3D model of a example note with the correct sizing. For getting it into a mod it's enough to essentially follow the Saber guide as the process of getting the 3D model into the game is almost the same, just be aware you need to name the .dat file CubeNoteSmoothHD.dat.


If you are here to make a MenuTitle mod, go to the Beat Saber Logo Guide

Trail (sorry, no guide)

If you are here to make a Trail mod, I have to dissapoint you, I do not yet have a guide for that specifically. I do not have guide files for it either, but generally you need to make a 128 x 128 pixel image in grayscale, and you can get it into the game by following the Beat Saber Logo Guide.

Sound Mod

If you are here to make a HitSound mod, I have now made a guide for that! go to the Sound Mod Guide to learn how to make these! it also covers BadHit sound mods and menuClick mods.

Platform (not working, stuff changed)

If you are here to make a Platform mod, go to the Platform Guide, Platforms on Quest are just the small rectangle you are standing on, not the entire stage!

add mods to sidequest

I have a guide on how to add your mods to SideQuest. It can be found at the Add Your Mod To SideQuest page.

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