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Multimarkdown table syntax plugin for markdown-it markdown parser
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MultiMarkdown table syntax plugin for markdown-it markdown parser


In general Markdown syntax, we have to write raw HTML tags when colspan attribute is needed. Luckily, I found that MultiMarkdown had defined complete and clear rules for advanced Markdown table syntax, and compatible to general Markdown table syntax.

So I extend the table parser in markdown-it to support MultiMarkdown table syntax. For now, the following features are provided:

  • Cells spanning multiple columns
  • Grouped table headers
  • Grouped table rows
  • Table captions
  • Lists in table cell (optional)
  • Line breaks in table cells (optional)

Noted that the plugin might behave differently from MultiMarkdown in some edge cases; since the plugin aims just to follow the rules in MultiMarkdown User's Guide.


var md = require('markdown-it')()


To simply test this plugin, you can do these in terminal:

$ mkdir markdown-it-multimd-table
$ cd markdown-it-multimd-table
$ npm install markdown-it-multimd-table --prefix .
$ vim test.js

    var md = require('markdown-it')()

    const exampleTable =
    "|             |          Grouping           || \n" +
    "First Header  | Second Header | Third Header | \n" +
    " ------------ | :-----------: | -----------: | \n" +
    "Content       |          *Long Cell*        || \n" +
    "Content       |   **Cell**    |         Cell | \n" +
    "                                               \n" +
    "New section   |     More      |         Data | \n" +
    "And more      | With an escaped '\\|'       || \n" +
    "[Prototype table]                              \n";


$ node test.js > test.html
$ firefox test.html

And you will see the rendered table in the browser:

Prototype table
First Header Second Header Third Header
Content Long Cell
Content Cell Cell
New section More Data
And more With an escaped '|'

Multiple lines of row (optional)

Put backslashes at end to make the table rows parsed as multiple lines. This feature is contributed by Lucas-C.

First header | Second header
List:        | More  \
- over       | data  \
- several    |       \
- lines      |

would be parsed as

First header Second header


  • over
  • several
  • lines

More data

And here's how you enable the feature.

var md = require('markdown-it')()
            .use(require('markdown-it-multimd-table'), {enableMultilineRows: true});


  • MultiMarkdown, Lightweight markup processor to produce HTML, LaTeX, and more.
  • markdown-it, Markdown parser, done right. 100% CommonMark support, extensions, syntax plugins & high speed.


This software is licensed under the MIT license © RedBug312.

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