Controller Application for Recordroid(Response-aware Replaying Tool for Android)
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Recordroid: Controller Part

Recordroid is a response-aware replaying tool for Android.

The source code of Recordroid is composed of platform part and controller part.


  1. Eclipse
  2. Java SDK
  • Either Oracle JDK or OpenJDK can be used
  1. Android SDK
  • You should set PATH for the platform tools of Android SDK (especially for adb).

How to Build

  1. Run Eclipse and import this directory on the Eclipse.
  2. Build it in Eclipse!
  1. After the building, you can get RecordroidController.jar file in out directory.

How to Use

  1. Connect your target Android device to your host PC with micro-USB cable.
  2. Ensure that adb can access your target device.
  3. $ adb devices
  4. Run the RecordroidController.jar file with java binary.
  5. $ java -jar out/RecordroidController.jar
  6. Recordroid Controller's GUI window will be displayed.
  7. Push record button(red circle button) for recording your workload.
  8. Make interactions on your target devices.
  9. Push replay button(green arrow button) for replaying your workload.


There is no external version dependency for this project.