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This is the official GitHub repository for Brewcraft!

##Overview## Brewcraft is an expansive project that has its sights set on making some major changes to the brewing system in place in Minecraft. It aims to not replace the vanilla mechanics, but rather add and run alongside this system. To accomplish this, we have added in a wonderful machine we like to call the Brewery. This machine unlocks an entirely new process of brewing, which allows the creation of not only all of the vanilla potions, but also an array of potions we have added for ourselves.

We haven’t taken to brewing by the bottle, but rather in raw fluid form. The Brewery uses fluids (not fluids that can be placed in the world, but fluids nonetheless) to brew. However, enough of that; all detailed information on the Brewery is located on our wiki.

Not only have we expanded the potion array, we have also created the capability for amplified and elongated potions, going far beyond the reaches of the vanilla brewing system, and creating a more in-depth element to game-play.

Now, I’m not going to spoil all of the surprises, you’re going to have to try the mod out for yourself! If you must read about everything before you try the mod, please visit our wiki. That can be found here.

Installation & Reporting Issues

A prerequisite to this mod is Minecraft Forge. This is required for the mod to run correctly. Aside from this, you will need our core class library, RedGear Core. This is required for the mod to run. Brewcraft and RedGear Core must be inside the mods folder in your .minecraft directory.


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