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Build Status is a great open source collection of workshop materials that cover various topics relating to Red Hat's product portfolio.

Initial start towards developing

If you want to build right away:

  • You have a working Hugo environment - and probably at the correct version.

    • we keep a current working version in the ./bin/ folder
  • You have Ruby and the asciidoctor gem installed (yum install asciidoctor or gem install asciidoctor)

    $ git clone

    $ cd

    $ hugo server

Building a working Hugo environment in a container

The following instructions for building a Hugo environment in a container have been tested on Fedora 32 with podman.

Grab the code and deploy the container as an unprivileged user:

git clone
podman run --rm -dt  -v $(pwd):/src:Z -p 1313:1313 server  --baseURL=

Note: Please change the base URL to match the FQDN of your container host ( used above)

Enable the appropriate firewall port as root:

sudo -i
firewall-cmd --zone=FedoraServer --permanent --add-port=1313/tcp

Note: Change the firewall zone to what is required/defined on your host.

Access the web site as follows: (replacing with the FQDN of your container host)


If you have content that you'd like to contribute, check out our contribution guidelines for this project.