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An open source repository for the learning materials that are used by the CO.LAB program.


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CO.LAB is Red Hat and open source in action. CO.LAB teaches students how to work together to solve problems, share new ideas, and to create collaboratively out of a shared experience.

The goal of CO.LAB is to introduce young people to the principles of open source -- and to a world of technology and collaboration that they may not have otherwise considered. Collaboration is a powerful driver of innovation and discovery, and open source methodology is a key part of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) education. Empower your young people with collaborative skills that will help them succeed in their pursuit of science, technology, engineering and math careers.

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This repository is intended to be a home for the curriculum, materials, and source code that make up our CO.LAB experiences. We invite you to collaborate with us to improve, evolve, and grow this initiative.

  • Poetry on Pi (PoetryPi/)
    This curriculum provides an introduction to electronics, powered by Raspberry Pi and Python. Students create their own touch-screen powered digital cameras, then work together as a group to take and curate pictures that are inspired by a poem. The focus is on collaboration and appreciation for the value of technology in solving problems and creating art.

  • Breaking the Code (BreakingTheCode/)
    This curriculum uses paper circuits and microcontrollers to create an interactive "code book". Students get a basic introduction to circuit design, and collaborate to complete all of the pages for a physical book, with 3d printed covers. The focus is on collaboration, empowerment, and problem solving.