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6 handwritten fonts created for the Because We Had To project
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Because We Had To Fonts


Russ McMullin

Senior Digital Designer, Digital Design team, Red Hat

Liz Wetzel

Senior Graphic Designer, Creative Strategy + Design team, Red Hat

Aaron Williamson

Senior Digital Designer, Team Lead, Digital Design team, Red Hat

About these fonts

In building an article series for Red Hat, 3 designers had an idea for handcrafted, handwritten titling, with natural flow. The type would be used to represent the 3 principles in the articles, so we felt they should take on some of the character and spirit of the profiles we were producing.

We sourced handwriting from friends and colleagues, working to capture the themes of the piece: feminism, hard work, boldness, and transparency among others. From those forms, we shaped and combined, extrapolated more, and built full character sets. And then, to ensure a natural and organic feeling in each line, we added Open Type features to help "randomize" the flow.

From that work, we produced 6 display fonts: 3 for titling and 3 for pull quotes. Each one takes on a different facet of the lives, approaches, and work of the women who sit at the intersection of art and innovation.

About Because We Had To

The art world, museums, and iPhones: all things that don't easily open themselves to outsiders. Addie Wagenknecht, Rianne Trunjillo, and Stefanie Wuschitz: three women working at the intersection of art, technology, and culture to bring open source tools and principles to places where they haven't traditionally prevailed. From the surreal landscapes of New Mexico to the galleries of New York, they're also creating new communities and leveling the obstacles that have limited women's influence in their chosen fields.

Written by Dawn Quinn

Read the series

Bug reports and improvement requests

If you find a problem with a font file or have a request for future development of a font project, please create a new issue in this project's issue tracker.

Self Host Fonts Available From Red Hat

Since all the fonts available here are licensed with permission to redistribute, subject to the license terms, you are able to self-host the fonts in this project.


Copyright 2019 Red Hat, Inc.

Licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1

The SIL OFL does not grant any rights under trademark law and all such rights are reserved. Modified versions must be renamed to avoid use of any Red Hat trademarks, including but not limited to "Red Hat".

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