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This folder contains an Ansible playbook for standing up and configuring Jenkins masters and slaves. There are roles specifically for the creation of those configurations, as well as several other roles which can be leveraged for configuring and standing up resources of other types helpful in the process of running continuous integration.

For full documentation on the configuration options of each role, see the default vars YAML file in the particular role. Any of the values in that file are intended to be overridden by the user.

Getting Started

Please see documentation at


Some notable defaults for Jenkins masters currently enabled are

  • Java 8
  • Jenkins LTS 2.63.3
  • an extensive list of plugins found in files/jenkins-plugin-lists/default.txt
  • SSL disabled, but Jenkins served off of port 80

Primary supported target operating systems are

  • RHEL 7
  • CentOS 7

IRC Support

#redhatqe-cinch on