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Setting up your local environment

This workshop requires you to bring your own laptop and have the following prerequisites installed:

Hardware requirements

  • Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8 or later), Windows 7 (SP1), Fedora (21 or later)
  • Memory: At least 4 GB+, preferred 8 GB

Software requirements access

The slides will walk you through setting up Docker and Kubernetes, etc

See this blog for more info on each of the days

Generate slides

The sources for the slides are written in asciidoc and are prepared and packaged with revealjs using a wonderful tool named hyla. To generate the slides, install hyla and then from the root of this directory (after cloning it), run this:

hyla generate -c slideshow/conference-redhat.yaml


Huge shout out to the work Kelsey Hightower does in the kubernetes community, and providing his intro to kubernetes workshop on I've used some of the inspector app RC and service definitions to illustrate the respective concepts.

For my slides, I used a lot of the documentation and some inspiration from Googler Satnam Singh's presentation tiled "Cluster management with Kubernetes" and blog post


4-day deep dive of docker + kubernetes



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