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Icon Super-Haxagon

Super Haxagon is a Super Hexagon clone for the 3DS. It runs full speed on the old 3DS, new 3DS, and in citra-emu/citra. You'll need ctrulib, citro3d, and sf2dlib to build this application. When downloading the source, make sure to clone with --recursive to grab all of the included dependencies. Finally, remember to delete main.c from the fonts folder so that this program will actually compile.


Q: How do I download this?

A: Downloads are available on the releases page.

Q: How do I download the default music?

A: See the readme in the sdmc folder.

Q: How can I create my own levels?

A: You can use Haxa-Editor! Follow the directions in the README.md of that repository for more details.

Q: I made this really cool level, can I show you?

A: Of course you can! If it's really good I'll add it to the game! Please follow the guidelines in the contributing file before you submit your level, though!

Q: Can I contribute?

A: Yup, follow the directions here!

Q: Can I use my own music/levels?

A: Yes! See the readme in the sdmc folder for more details.

Q: It says "AWW SNAP!" whenever I launch the game or press B on the main menu!

A: OK, that's not a question, but please look in the root of your SD card for the file "haxapanic.txt" and read it. If it does not answer your question, file a bug report here.

Q: Why is there no audio at all?

A: You need to dump your DSP firmware! Normally this is covered when installing A9LH through 3ds.guide's "Section VI - Finalizing setup". If it is not, Launch the Homebrew Launcher from the home menu and select “DSP Dump”.

Q: Why did you rewrite the whole thing?

A: Because!

Q: Can I play this on my PC?

A: You should buy Super Hexagon and support the original creator!

Q: But I want to play YOUR version on PC!

A: Have you ever heard of citra-emu/citra? (Make sure to enable "scaled resolution" for the best experience)!

Big Citra Picture



  • Sweet 3D banner
  • Dynamic level loading from both ROMFS and SDMC!
  • Open source AND readable code
  • Shadows
  • Different sided center shapes (from 3 sides to a lot of sides)!
  • Sound using ndsp
  • Supports uncompressed WAV files
  • Walls that move and collide with the player
  • Can collide with the player
  • You will stop moving when you hit the side of walls
  • A functional game over screen
  • Really cool death animation
  • Sound effects
  • Main menu
  • Plays sound effects and animations
  • Support by the community!
  • And much more!


Contributing to the project will make a better game for everyone! Before you work on a feature, please make sure I know. If you are implementing a new feature, I'd be happy to acccept it!


Title Screen Game Over Walls Shapes Shapes

The Original

Humble Beginnings Humble Beginnings