Android App made to display hottest Reddit discussion and hottest Trending stocks
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Project I developed on the side, This Android app was designed to give a all in one place for most relavent data to view, in this case, the view for hottest stock disscussions on reddit. This app also displays hottest trending stocks split into 15 different categories. This project also combines the use of an API I develope (FINVIZ-API) which the server end point uses.

Features Description
Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Calls to sign into the app through registered fingerprints
Reddit Stock disscussions Displays the hottest stock reddit disscussions
Finviz trending data Finviz API gets and returns the hottest trending stocks given 15 different categories.
custom Server endpoint Server processes and sorts for the hottest stocks and returns data to individual app calls

screen shots

Login Activity alt text Main Content Activity Main Content View