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Display ipcam feed on MagicMirror
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Display ipcam (foscam and compatible) feed on your MagicMirror

Makes use of:

Installing the module

Clone this repository in your ~/MagicMirror/modules/ folder ( $ cd ~MagicMirror/modules/ ):

git clone

Using the module

To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
            module: 'MMM-IPCam',
            position: 'top_left',
            config: {
                invertColors: false,
                updateInterval : 10000,
                host: '',
                port: 80,
                user: 'admin',
                pass: 'yourpassword' 

Configuration options

The following properties can be configured:

Option Description
invertColors Set to true to invert the colors of the image for a darker feel.

Example: invertColors: false

This value is Optional
host The ip adress/hostname of your ip camera.

This value is REQUIRED
port The port your camera is serving content from.

Default value: 80
user The username with which to log on to the camera.

This value is required.
pass The password to use.

This value is required.
updateInterval How often does the content needs to be fetched? (Milliseconds)
Possible values: 1000 - 86400000
Default value: 10000 (10 seconds)
animationSpeed Speed of the update animation. (Milliseconds)

Possible values:0 - 5000
Default value: 2000 (2 seconds)
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