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Co-authored-by: Jonathan Sterling <>


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A cool implementation of normalization by evaluation (nbe) & elaboration for Cartesian cubical type theory.

For examples, see the test/ directory.

This implementation is forked from blott, the implementation artifact of Implementing a Modal Dependent Type Theory by Gratzer, Sterling, and Birkedal. Code has been incorporated from redtt, implemented by Sterling and Favonia.


cooltt has been built with OCaml 4.10.0 with opam 2.0.5. If you are running an older version of OCaml, try executing the following command:

$ opam switch create 4.10.0

Once these dependencies are installed cooltt can be built with the following set of commands.

$ opam update
$ opam pin add -y cooltt .              # first time
$ opam upgrade                          # after packages change

After this, the executable cooltt should be available. The makefile can be used to rebuild the package for small tests. Locally, cooltt is built with dune, running the above commands will also install dune. Once dune is available the executable can be locally changed and run with the following:

$ dune exec cooltt                      # from the `cooltt` top-level directory

A small collection of example programs is contained in the test/ directory. See test/ for a brief description of each program's purpose.

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