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The following people have contributed to RedPRL and its theoretical underpinnings, in no particular order:

  • Jon Sterling
  • Daniel Gratzer
  • Eugene Akentyev
  • James Wilcox
  • David Christiansen
  • Darin Morrison
  • Favonia
  • Evan Cavallo
  • Carlo Angiuli
  • Tim Baumann
  • Anders Mörtberg

We also thank the following people for their contributions to previous versions of JonPRL:

  • Daniel Gratzer
  • Vincent Rahli
  • David Christiansen
  • Darin Morrison
  • James Wilcox

Special thanks to David Christiansen for answering all my obnoxious questions about Emacs.

Finally, we thank the following people for their guidance and encouragement:

  • Bob Harper
  • Mark Bickford
  • Bob Constable
  • Peter Dybjer