Here is my slide deck for the .git intro workshop - thanks to @NickTikhonov for the material
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This is a repo containing a pdf document of my slide deck for the .git intro workshop - thanks to @nicktikhonov for the material (you're a total legend!) Feel free to download or view this in the browser by clicking the pdf file :octocat:

Update DECEMBER 2017: I have added different versions of the slides based on where they were presented feel free to view any version but for a general overview view the OG version. 💕

This will take you through the basic concepts of .git repositories

Remember there are some amazing resources under GitHub Guides & you can do online on demand training in git & GitHub at GitHub Training

The key thing to remember is that version control is SUPER important - so make sure you learn how to do your A B C of git!

Adding files to staging is a must or they won't be included in your repo!

Branching is a lifesaver on group projects - so use it!

Commit when you want to save your status, if in doubt run git status to see your current changes & what files you have staged to be committed to the repo.

Another few handy hints

  • Running git commit -m "insert commit message here" will save your commit with a handy message to remind you what that commit included, keep it simple & give yourself context - it will help when you have a large log of commits to look through

  • Use git log --graph --pretty to get a nice graphical display in the command line of the change log & commits (super useful to see when branches have been created and merged 🤘).

  • The reset option is super helpful & it's useful to know that even undos can be undone with git!

If you have any questions feel free to raise them as an issue on this repository & I will try my best to answer them for you!

Use plugins

If you are not familiar with git there is always the option of using Graphical user interfaces(GUIs), these can be implemented in the form of editor plugin's here is a couple of them:

These usually allow you to add, commit, push and pull files. Some will even allow more complex features such as graphical conflict resolution and branch features.