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Change the renderer of your Plone collection portlet, trying to force a link color using a style="color: ..." attribute.

How to use

This product is for developers. It only add a catalog column (color) and change the basic Collection Plone renderer to check for this color.

Installing this won't add any real new colors in collection portlets (and we don't want ... normally color must came from site UI theme, not contents).

How support colors

You can:

Support for a color property
Add to your content types a new color method or property.
Support for a color @indexer

Add an indexer that return the color you want:

>>> from plone.indexer.decorator import indexer
>>> @indexer(IMyType)
>>>     def color(object, **kw):
...     return 'red'

See Custom indexing strategies on Plone documentation section.

The color format must be CSS valid. So: 'red', '#FF0000', '#F00' or 'rgb(255,0,0)' are all good values.

If you return a string that starts with 'class-' (like 'class-foo'), this doesn't apply the style attribute but a class="foo" attribute.


Developed with the support of S. Anna Hospital, Ferrara; S. Anna Hospital supports the PloneGov initiative.

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This product was developed by RedTurtle Technology team.

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