Landscaping With Front-end Tools
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Landscaping (i.e. build stuff) With Frontend Tools

An opinionated list of frontend tools for desktop/laptop (i.e. does not include tablet or phone yet) development

pull requests welcome!

Browser Package Managers
CSS Base
CSS Frameworks
DOM Scripting
JS Helpers
CSS Helpers
Module Loaders
UI Widgets
Testing Frameworks
JS Auto Documentation Tools
CSS Auto Documentation Tools
JS Quality Validators
CSS Quality Validators
JS Optimizer/Minification/Compression Tools
CSS Optimizer/Minification/Compression Tools
Remote DOM and JS Testing
Languages Compiling to CSS
Languages Compiling to JS
Languages Compliling to HTML
Front End Application Frameworks (backend agnostic)
Front End Application Frameworks (with backend opinions)
Full Stack Application Frameworks
Frontend Kitchen Sink Solutions (tools below provide a mixture of the things above)