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@RedhawkDeployer RedhawkDeployer released this Apr 16, 2019

The following improvements were implemented for the REDHAWK 2.2.x series rh.DataConverter:

  • Optimized processing for available Intel IPP libraries or SSE extensions.
  • Shared process space for component execution.
  • BulkIO shared memory data transfers between processes residing on the same host.
  • Logging messages use the REDHAWK 2.2.x logging API.
  • Input and output port names comply with REDHAWK naming conventions.
  • Property types comply with REDHAWK conventions.
  • Improved descriptions for ports and properties.
  • An additional help section (Asset Use) in the explaining component configuration and use.
  • Refactored unit tests use the REDHAWK 2.2.x sandbox API.
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